Sickle Cell Anemia and Its Traits

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What is the main cause of the symptoms experienced by individuals with sickle cell anemia?

Crescent-like shape of red blood cells

What is the advantage of having the sickle cell trait according to the text?

Immunity to malaria

In terms of genetics, what is the difference between genotype and phenotype?

Genotype is genetic makeup, phenotype is physical characteristics.

What term is used to describe a specific version of a gene?


What does polygenic mean in the context of genetics?

Controlled by more than one gene

What interaction does environmental interaction refer to in genetics?

Unique interplay between genetics and surroundings

What characteristic defines sickle cell anemia?

Clogged blood vessels

How does the sickle cell trait differ from full-blown sickle cell disease?

Sickle cell trait individuals are immune to Malaria, while full-blown sickle cell individuals are not

What is the significance of the sickle cell trait in terms of protection against Malaria?

It provides immunity to Malaria

What is the relationship between genotype and phenotype?

Genotype and phenotype interact to determine physical characteristics

What does the term 'allele' refer to in genetics?

A specific version of a gene

In genetics, what characterizes a homozygous individual?

They have two identical alleles for a gene

What is the role of genes in contributing to certain patterns of behavior and cognition?

Partially control certain characteristics

What do evolutionary psychologists primarily focus on studying?

Universal behavior patterns evolved over time

Which term refers to the genetic makeup of an individual?


In genetics, what does being homozygous mean?

Having two copies of the same allele

What is the main difference between genotype and phenotype?

Genotype is genetic makeup, while phenotype is physical characteristics.

What contributes to a species' adaptation to its environment?

Gene variation

What results from a sudden and permanent change in a gene?


What term describes a characteristic controlled by more than one gene?

Polygenic trait

What does the term 'allele' specifically represent?

A specific version of a gene

What concept describes the unique interaction between an individual's genetic makeup and their environment?

Gene-environment interplay

Explore the genetic disease of sickle cell anemia, which causes red blood cells to have a crescent-like shape. Learn about the symptoms it can lead to, the difference between sickle cell trait and full-blown sickle cell, and how carriers are immune to malaria.

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