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What type of financial topics are respondents most interested in learning about through short videos?

Real estate investments

How often do respondents watch short video content related to finance or investment insights?

Twice a week

Which platform is NOT mentioned as a primary platform for consuming short video content for financial insights?


How do respondents generally rate the credibility of short video content creators in providing accurate financial information?

Somewhat not credible

What is the highest level of agreement with actively seeking out short video content for financial insights?

Yes, always

How does the effectiveness of short video content compare to traditional forms of financial education?

Much more effective

What is a common factor to consider when evaluating the reliability of financial information in short videos?

Viewer comments and feedback

How often have participants encountered misleading or inaccurate information in short video content related to finance?

Yes, occasionally

Would you be interested in participating in educational workshops or seminars focused on financial literacy through short video content?

Yes, definitely

In terms of time spent, what category represents watching less short video content related to finance or investments each week?

1-3 hours

Test your knowledge on watching short video content related to finance and investment insights. Explore your habits, preferred platforms, and areas of interest for consuming financial information through videos.

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