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What does the presence of calluses indicate?

Friction from poorly fitting shoes

What is the main purpose of wearing sandals, shoes, and boots?

To protect the feet from hazards in the environment

What is the primary function of the sole in a shoe?

To absorb ground reaction forces

Which part of the upper shoe provides posterior stability and supports the calcaneum?

Heel counter

Why are leather shoes considered better?

They are more durable

What is the purpose of a Thomas heel shoe for flexible flat foot?

To extend the heel on the medial side

What is the main difference between flexible flat foot and rigid flat foot?

Collapse occurs on weight bearing in rigid flat foot

What is the characteristic feature of Pes Cavus?

High arched foot

What is the purpose of a molded polyurethane foam backed by microcellular rubber for rigid flat foot?

To relieve pain and provide comfort to the sole

What is the function of a custom molded foot orthosis with elevation of anteromedial calcaneum (UCBL) for flexible flat foot?

Exert upward thrust against sustentaculum tali thus preventing in rolling

Test your knowledge about the functions of shoes and their importance in lower extremity orthotics and prosthetic alignment. Explore how well-designed shoes can minimize stress on the feet, provide support, and act as shock absorbers.

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