Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Tragedy Quiz

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Who is the main character in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar?

Julius Caesar

What is Julius Caesar's response to the soothsayer's warning about the Ides of March?

He dismisses it as the ramblings of a dreamer.

What role does superstition play in Julius Caesar's decision-making?

It influences him to seek advice from his wife, Calpurnia.

Who persuades Julius Caesar to attend the fateful Senate meeting despite ominous signs and his wife's warnings?


How does the story of Julius Caesar end?

Julius Caesar dies in a civil war.

What is one characteristic trait attributed to Caesar in the play?

Superstitious nature

Which character leads the brutal assassination of Julius Caesar?


What is the significance of Caesar speaking 'Et tu, Brutus'?

It shows Caesar's disbelief at Brutus' betrayal

Why does Cassius criticize Caesar's physical abilities and health to persuade Brutus?

To emphasize Caesar's vulnerability and mortality

In the play, why does Mark Antony repeatedly mention that 'Brutus is an honorable man'?

To deceive the audience about Brutus' intentions

What ultimately leads to Brutus' downfall in the play?

His excessive pride and belief in his own virtue

Why does Mark Antony call upon Caesar Augustus after Caesar's death?

To seek revenge against Brutus and Cassius

How does Cassius convince Brutus of Caesar's unsuitability for kingship?

By highlighting Caesar's physical weaknesses and vulnerabilities

Why does Mark Antony speak at Caesar's funeral against Cassius' wishes?

To denounce the conspirators and incite a revolution

What motivates Cassius to plot against Caesar?

Desire for power and envy towards Caesar

Test your knowledge on Shakespeare's tragic play based on the life of Julius Caesar. Explore the themes of betrayal, power, and conspiracy as you delve into the story of Caesar's downfall at the hands of his former allies and friends.

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