Seventh Grader in Bronxville

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22 Questions

What has been the biggest obstacle in Landon's life?

What does Landon plan to use as his biggest asset in his new school?

What role do the cochlear implants play in Landon's life?

Who becomes an unlikely friend to Landon, and what is his family's background?

What is the ultimate challenge Landon faces in the end?

What has been a recurring obstacle in Landon's life?

What sport reigns supreme in Bronxville?

Who helps Landon when he is encouraged to be the oversized water boy for the football team?

What is the main advantage Landon plans to use in his new school?

What family member shares some of his trade secrets with Landon?

What do the coaches encourage Landon to do when football proves harder than he thought?

What is the ultimate challenge Landon faces in the end?

Who was Landon's best friend and how did he support Landon?

What special item did Landon need in order to hear?

Where did the story take place and where was Landon's family about to move?

Who was a very determined and willing character in the story, and what was her relationship to Landon?

What was the main thing Landon wanted to do, and what was the biggest obstacle in his way?

How does Landon initially feel about being the waterboy for the football team?

What event leads to Megan breaking up with Skip and dating Brett instead?

Why does Landon's mom expel the football players from the team?

Who helps Landon improve his football skills, and what is his family background?

What role does Genevieve play in Landon's journey to making new friends?


Read about Landon Dorch, a seventh grader in Bronxville, who plans to use his size as his biggest asset to fit in at his new school and pursue his dreams of becoming a football lineman.

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