Sequential Art Quiz

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10 Questions

Who coined the term 'sequential art'?

According to Will Eisner, how many elements does sequential art consist of?

In what year was the term 'sequential art' coined?

Which term is often used interchangeably with 'sequential art'?

Who elaborated on the explanation of sequential art in the books 'Understanding Comics' and 'Reinventing Comics'?

What is the Y-shaped strap on a flip-flop called?

Where did the modern flip-flop design potentially originate from?

What are flip-flops called in New Zealand?

What are flip-flops called in the Philippines?

What term has been used to describe inexpensive footwear with a flat base and a strap with three anchor points?


Test your knowledge of sequential art with this quiz. Explore the use of images in a specific order for storytelling and conveying information, as proposed by comics artist Will Eisner.

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