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What is the botanical term for the stalk that carries a flower?


What part of the pedicel is swollen to form the receptacle?


Which of the following is NOT a part of the flower's structure?


Which part of a flower is responsible for producing the male gametes?


What are the female gametes in a flower?


Which part of a flower contains the female reproductive organ?


Which term describes sepals that are free and not fused together?


What type of calyx is formed when sepals are united to form a cup-shaped or tubular structure?


In a flower with synsepalous sepals, how are the sepals arranged?

Fused into a cup-shaped structure

What is the correct relationship between ovules and placenta in a carpel?

Ovules are directly attached to the placenta

What is the main function of ovules in the ovary?

To develop into seeds upon fertilization

How does the structure of a carpel facilitate seed production?

Ovules in the ovary are fertilized to form seeds

Which active constituent found in tubular calyx epicalyx is responsible for the red color?


What is the role of gossipetin in tubular calyx epicalyx?

None of the above

Which of the following is NOT an active constituent of tubular calyx epicalyx?

None of the above

Test your knowledge on sepals in botany by identifying whether they are free (polysepalous, aposepalous) or united to form cup-shaped or tubular calyx (gamosepalous, synsepalous).

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