Self-control and Love in Moral Life

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What did the ancient Greeks consider to be the master virtue?

Which virtue enables us to make reasoned decisions that benefit both ourselves and others?

What does wisdom enable us to do in terms of virtues?

Which virtue involves respecting the rights of all individuals?

According to Richard Gula, what do we need in order to do right?

Which virtue includes civility, honesty, respect, responsibility, and tolerance?

What is the final forming of a person's character according to Anne Frank?

'We cannot do right unless we first see correctly.' Who emphasized this belief?

'Virtues are habits of mind, heart, and behavior.' What is the main idea conveyed by this statement?

'When telling the honest truth might hurt someone’s feelings,' what virtue would be essential in guiding this situation?


  • Self-control is essential for delaying gratification and achieving distant goals, as reckless behaviors flourish without it.
  • Love is a fundamental virtue that involves sacrifice, empathy, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness.
  • A positive attitude, including hope, enthusiasm, flexibility, and humor, is crucial for personal well-being and relationships.
  • Hard work, integrity, and wisdom are highlighted as indispensable virtues for personal growth and character development.
  • Justice, including respect for others' rights and self-respect, is emphasized as a key virtue in character education efforts.


Learn about the importance of self-control and love in leading a moral life, and how they contribute to achieving higher goals. Explore how self-control can prevent reckless and destructive behaviors, and how love surpasses justice in moral virtues.

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