Sedimentary Rocks Formation

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What is the main mode of transportation for sediments that contribute to the formation of sedimentary rocks?

What are sedimentary rocks?

What is the significance of sedimentary rocks in knowing past environments?

What percentage of the earth's land surface is covered by a thin veneer of sediments or sedimentary rocks?

Which type of sedimentary rock is formed due to evaporation of saline water?

Sedimentary rocks are the primary rocks formed directly from magma.

Sedimentary rocks are formed from loose fragments or detrital sediments.

Almost 90% of the earth's crust is made up of sedimentary rocks.

Transportation of sediments can occur by river water, wind, or movement of glacial ice.

Evaporitic rocks are formed due to the evaporation of saline water, such as sea water.


Learn about the formation of sedimentary rocks through the transportation and deposition of sediments by river water on the continent and ocean floor. Understand the processes and characteristics of fluvial and marine deposits, as well as the origins of sedimentary rocks from loose fragments or detrital sediments.

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