Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks Quiz

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What is the composition of feldspars?

Which mineral is the most abundant among the original minerals occurring in the soil?

What is the process of leaching in soil?

What characterizes secondary minerals?

What is the depth range of surface soil?

What is the color of Limonite?

What is regolith composed of?

Which mineral is known as 'paintrock' or red ochre?

What is the composition of Dolomite?

Which group consists of hydrated aluminosilicates that are colloidal in nature?

Which class of rocks crystallizes from a silicate melt called magma?

What process do sedimentary rocks undergo that includes compaction and cementation?

What is shale formed from?

Which rock is derived from plants and animal residue?

What causes the formation of Quartzite from sandstone?

Which rock results from changing sediments or rocks to a new form?

What is the main process involved in physical weathering?

Which rock is formed from shale?

What is the purpose of soil properties according to the text?

Which category in the soil taxonomy is a subdivision of a soil order based on moisture and temperature regime?

What do diagnostic horizons represent in the classification of soils?

Which factor is used to determine the dominant type of clay minerals in the soil?

What is the purpose of the 'family' category in soil taxonomy?

What is the basis for subdividing a sub-order in the soil taxonomy?

How does topography influence soil formation?

What is the result of high runoff and low percolation on steep slopes?

Which factor, along with climate, significantly affects the kind and quality of the world's soils?

How are Sedentary parent materials classified?

What characterizes Residual parent material?

Which type of Transported parent material has undergone extensive weathering and is low in calcium and magnesium?


Test your knowledge about sedimentary and metamorphic rocks with this quiz. Learn about the different classes of sedimentary rocks and how metamorphic rocks like quartzite are formed.

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