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What is a key role of the IEP team in interagency collaboration for a student's transition?

Serving as a liaison between agencies and the school

What is required for school personnel to access a student's educational records including the IEP?

Written consent from the student's parent or the student if of age

Which of the following is an example of a community resource mentioned for supporting a student's transition?

Transit-access agencies

What is a responsibility of select members of the IEP team once potential community resources are identified?

Serving as liaisons between each identified agency and the school

How does interagency collaboration benefit students with disabilities according to research?

It promotes positive outcomes in education and employment

What is one of the key components of interagency collaboration for a student’s successful transition?

Identifying community resources

What must school personnel do to access a student's educational records and IEP?

Obtain written consent

What is NOT a responsibility of select members of the IEP team once community resources are identified?

Sharing student information without consent

Why must school personnel obtain written consent to release a student's records?

To ensure the student's privacy is protected

What is the role of identifying a contact person within each agency in interagency collaboration?

Facilitate communication between agencies and the school

Why is it important for select team members to serve as liaisons between agencies and the school?

To create strong partnerships for the student's benefit

What is the significance of inviting appropriate agency personnel to a student's future IEP meeting?

To ensure proper representation for the student

How does interagency collaboration promote positive outcomes for students with disabilities?

By enhancing education and employment opportunities

What type of information should school personnel share through established methods of communication?

Student information with written consent

What is one possible outcome when school personnel share student information without consent?

Violation of privacy regulations

Test your knowledge on secondary transition planning and self-determination in the IEP process. Learn about how to involve students in decision-making and planning for their future.

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