SEAM Lec. 1: Software Evolution and Maintenance Course Overview

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What is the main focus of the Software Evolution & Maintenance course?

Fixing defects and enhancing existing software applications

According to the text, what percentage of the total development cost of a project may be consumed by maintenance costs?


What does the text mention about the growth of the global software industry?

It has been witnessing stellar growth for three decades

What is the main flaw in the human character mentioned in the text?

The desire to build without doing maintenance

According to Mehdi Jazayer, what evolves over time with respect to a particular type of software?

Our knowledge about the software

Which of the following is a law of software evolution as described in the text?

Continual modification to satisfy user needs

What activities are put under the category of maintenance according to the text?

All support activities after software delivery

What does the concept of software evolution mean, as per the text?

A change from worse state to a better state

Which activity is put under the category of evolution according to the text?

Activities to effect changes in requirements

What does Mehdi Jazayer's view suggest about software evolution?

'Our knowledge about a particular type of software' evolves over time, not the software itself

Which law of software evolution states that 'the evolution process is self-regulating'?


Get all the essential details about the Software Evolution and Maintenance course, including the course structure, assessment criteria, available resources, and an outline of the topics covered. Contact information for Tarek Aly is also provided for further inquiries.

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