Scientific Method and Research Criteria

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What are the three criteria that enable a process to be called 'research'?

Systematic observation, classification, and interpretation of data

According to Burns (1997), how does he define research?

A systematic investigation to find answers to a problem

What is the main difference between day-to-day generalizations and conclusions recognized as scientific method?

Degree of formality, rigorousness, verifiability, and general validity

In which disciplines can the application of research methods be viewed from four different perspectives?

Health, education, psychology, and social work

What does it mean for conclusions to be empirical?

Drawn from real-life experiences or observations

What is the main emphasis in a correlational study?

Discovering relationships between different aspects of a situation

What is crucial to a research enquiry according to the text?

Implementing foolproof investigation procedures

What is the primary focus of applied research in the social sciences?

Collecting information about various aspects of a situation

What is the purpose of a feasibility study?

To explore areas about which the researcher has little or no knowledge

How is a study classified as qualitative?

If the purpose of the study is to describe a situation, phenomenon, problem, or event

What determines whether a study is carried out using quantitative or qualitative methodologies?

The purpose of the study

Why is neither qualitative nor quantitative research markedly superior to the other in all respects?

Both approaches have their strengths and weaknesses

Explore the concepts of scientific method and research criteria through this quiz, which covers systematic observation, classification, interpretation of data, formality, rigorousness, verifiability, and general validity.

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