Scientific Method and Chemical Elements Quiz

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What is the first step in the scientific method?

Make an observation

Why are about 25 elements essential to life?

Because they are used to form compounds necessary for living organisms

What is the structure of an atom?

Protons, neutrons, and electrons

Which type of bond is a substance consisting of two or more different elements in a fixed ratio?

Covalent bond

What makes up about 96% of the weight of most living organisms?

Oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen

What is the last step in the scientific method?

Use the results to make a new hypothesis

What type of bond is formed when electrons are transferred between two atoms?

Ionic bond

Which type of bond results in electrons being shared equally between two atoms?

Non-polar covalent bond

What is the role of hydrogen bonds in water's behavior?

Causing high surface tension

In which type of solution is water the solvent?

Aqueous solution

What is the pH range of the pH scale?

0 to 14

What do buffers do in relation to pH?

Minimize changes in pH

What is an element in chemistry?

A substance that cannot be broken down into other substances

What do isotopes of an element have in common?

Same number of protons and neutrons

What type of bond results from a partial positive charge on hydrogen?

Hydrogen bond

Test your knowledge of the scientific method and the importance of chemical elements to living organisms with this quiz. Learn about the steps of the scientific method and the role of chemical elements in living matter.

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