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Who invented the Salamander Amphibious Tricycle?

Victor Llave and his team at H20 Technologies

What is the purpose of the SALt Lamp invented by Aisa Mijeno?

To provide lighting using salt water

What did Dr. Fe Del Mundo devise to address the high mortality rate of newborn babies in the Philippines?

Medical Incubator made from indigenous materials

Which invention allows for communication in real time?


What natural disaster-resilient invention allows for crossing flooded streets, rivers, and lakes?

Salamander Amphibious Tricycle

Which invention is designed to combat black smoke emissions?


What was the primary function of Hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt?

To communicate with the gods

Which Egyptian invention was used for both health and aesthetic reasons?


Where was the Hanging Gardens of Babylon located?


Which civilization is known for the creation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

Babylonian Civilization

What was the primary purpose of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

To showcase architectural skills

Which ancient civilization was associated with the city of Uruk and the Ziggurat of Ur?

Sumerian Civilization

What was the significance of Cuneiform in ancient Mesopotamia?

It was the first writing system

What distinguished Akkadian civilization from others in ancient Mesopotamia?

Their military conquests

Which civilization is commonly referred to as 'the cradle of Civilization'?

Sumerian Civilization

How were Hieroglyphics written by the ancient Egyptians?

Carved on stone tablets

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