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What is the primary role of leaders in organizational leadership?

What is a characteristic of organizational leadership in the school setting?

How does organizational leadership approach the welfare of individual members and the group?

What does organizational leadership aim to empower individuals to do within an organization?

What is the focus of organizational leadership in terms of the best interests of the organization and its members?

In the situational leadership model, which leadership style is appropriate for individuals who lack specific skills and are willing to work at the task?

For individuals who are demotivated for the job or task, which leadership style is most suitable?

What leadership style is recommended for individuals who are experienced and able to do the task but lack confidence or willingness to take on responsibility?

When group members have high readiness (able, willing, and confident), what leadership style is appropriate according to the situational leadership model?

What leadership style does the leader resort to when group members have low readiness (unable and unwilling)?


Test Your Organizational Leadership Knowledge: Take this quiz to assess your understanding of how leaders set strategic goals, motivate individuals, and drive success within an organization, with a focus on the school setting. Explore key concepts and best practices in school leadership and management.

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