Sara and Yusra's Olympic Journey

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12 Questions

What is the main goal of the characters mentioned in the text?

Who is described as a superhero in the text?

What event are the characters aiming to participate in?

What is the symbolic meaning of swimming mentioned in the text?

Who is forming an Olympic refugee team for Rio?

What is the immediate problem faced by the characters when attempting to board the boat?

What is the significance of the statement 'Swimming is home' in the text?

What encouragement do the characters receive regarding their participation in the Olympics?

The characters in the text are trying to escape a war-torn country.

The characters' ultimate goal is to participate in the Olympics in Greece.

The characters ultimately succeed in boarding the boat to Greece.

The characters' swimming abilities are acknowledged with the formation of an Olympic refugee team for Rio.


  • Sara and Yusra are determined to swim in the Olympics, but are forced to flee Syria due to escalating conflict.
  • They attempt to board a boat to Greece, but the boat is overcrowded and they are denied entry.
  • With no other option, they are forced to swim to Greece. Sara goes first and manages to reach the shore safely.
  • Yusra's determination to participate in the Olympics doesn't waver, despite the challenges they face.
  • The pair are eventually given the opportunity to form part of an Olympic refugee team for the Rio Games.


Follow the incredible journey of Sara and Yusra, two determined athletes who faced numerous challenges while pursuing their dream of participating in the Olympics as refugees. From fleeing Syria to eventually joining the Olympic refugee team for the Rio Games, their story is one of perseverance and determination.

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