Samuel de Champlain

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What is Samuel de Champlain best known for?

Establishing and governing the settlements of New France and the city of Quebec

In which year did Samuel de Champlain join Francois Gravé Du Pont on a voyage to America?


Where did Samuel de Champlain's second voyage in 1604 land?

Nova Scotia

Which areas did Samuel de Champlain map during his time in Acadia?

Surrounding areas in Acadia

What is Acadia known as today?

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI

What was Samuel de Champlain recognized as by King Henry the 6th?

A naval cartographer

During his second voyage in 1604, where did Samuel de Champlain's expedition spend their first winter?

In a makeshift fort in Nova Scotia

Which rivers did Samuel de Champlain navigate during the founding of Quebec in 1608?

The St. Lawrence and Saguenay rivers

What did Samuel de Champlain do during his time in Acadia?

Mapped the surrounding areas and looked for possible settlements

Which indigenous groups did Samuel de Champlain create alliances with for survival?

Innu, Ottawa River nations, and Huron

Test your knowledge of the life and achievements of Samuel de Champlain with this quiz. Explore his exploration, navigation, and establishment of New France and Quebec. See how well you know this influential French explorer and cartographer.

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