Salt: The Essential Kitchen Commodity

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What is the primary mineral in table salt?

Sodium chloride

Why is iodine usually added to table salt?

To prevent Goitre or mental retardation

What characteristic makes black salt more hygroscopic than common salt?

Absorption of moisture

How is salt obtained from rocks?

By direct mining

What is the purpose of fortifying salt with iron?

To prevent anaemia

In what form is salt obtained from brine?


Why is fluoride sometimes added to salt?

To prevent dental caries

What distinguishes black salt from common salt?

More hygroscopic

Why is salt considered essential despite lacking carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins?

It is necessary for life processes

What is the purpose of adding chemical agents to common table salt?

To make it free-flowing

Explore the importance of salt in the kitchen and its essential role in food. Discover how salt is obtained from rocks and how it is a mineral primarily composed of sodium chloride.

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