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What is the primary function of the Cold (Green) Zone?

To allow first responders to operate with minimal threat to personal safety or health

What does the term 'Concealment' mean in law enforcement?

An object that only provides protection from observation

What is the role of the Contact Officer in law enforcement?

A single person in search of the suspect

What is the meaning of 'Competence' in the context of the text?

Possessing knowledge, skills, and judgment needed to perform indicated objectives

What is the primary responsibility of the CSPFD incident commander upon arrival at the high-risk hostile incident?

To establish a unified command post with law enforcement

What is the role of the incident safety officer (ISO) during an ASHER situation?

To address any issues that may arise in the cold zone

What should all on-duty SWAT-Medics do upon responding to the scene of a high-risk hostile incident?

Operate in their SWAT-Medic capacity and notify a Chief about their response

What action should be taken by the shift chief officer upon recognition of an ASHER situation?

Send out an all call page with notification to relevant personnel

What is the staging distance requirement for CSPFD during a high-risk hostile incident?

Minimum response time of 15 minutes after Law Enforcement clears an access point

What should the CSPFD IC do upon recognizing a complex incident or a large number of victims?

Initiate the mass casualty incident (MCI) procedures

What is the framework for command and control at AS/MCIs?

Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

Who is authorized to operate in the Hot (Red) Zone?

SWAT Tactical Medics

What does S.A.L.T. stand for in the context of mass casualty triage?

Sort, Assess, Lifesaving Interventions, Transport

Who is responsible for all incident activities including the development of strategies and tactics?

Incident Commander (IC)

What is a process that defines the roles and responsibilities to be assumed by personnel and the operating procedures to be used in the management and direction of emergency operations?

Incident Management System (IMS)

Who should determine the safest paths for access and egress from the scene?

Unified Command (UC)

What is the purpose of a Notification and Reunification Center?

To establish contact with family and friends after separation

What should personnel in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) do when entering the warm zone?

Engage in activities directed by the Fire IC

What is the definition of a Hazardous Device?

A device placed or fabricated in an improvised manner with destructive materials

What limitation does the text impose on triage in the warm zone?

Triage should be limited to determination of patient viability

What is the purpose of Mutual Aid in emergency situations?

To assist one another by furnishing personnel, equipment, and/or expertise

What is the main focus of treatment in the warm zone according to the text?

Hemorrhage control

What is the primary role of a Rescue Task Force in an Active Killer situation?

To provide security and treatment to victims in the warm zone

Who should work in the hot zone?

Law enforcement

What is the main responsibility of law enforcement officers in a Protected Corridor Operations?

To secure path through which fire and EMS responders can care for and extract victims.

In which zone should extraction teams or rescue task forces extract viable patients to?

Command center point (CCP)

What does 'Secured' mean in law enforcement terminology?

A geographical location where no obvious threat has been found.

What is the primary purpose of establishing a cold zone according to the text?

To stage and load apparatus and ambulances

What defines the roles and responsibilities to be assumed by personnel and the operating procedures to be used in the management and direction of emergency operations?

Incident Management System (IMS)

What is the recommended mode of transport for patients according to the text?

Transport should be to the nearest definitive care facility

What type of activities should CSPFD personnel avoid during an ASHER situation according to the text?

Crowd control and disbursement of people

What structure does NIMS advocate for all emergency and non-emergency management of personnel?

Incident Command System (ICS)

What is a key requirement for successful collaboration between CSPFD and law enforcement according to the text?

Collaborative and cohesive command structure

What is the recommended approach for making decisions during a response to an ASHER situation according to the text?

Decisions based on risk/benefit analysis

What does the acronym T.H.R.E.A.T. stand for?

Threat Suppression, Hemorrhage Control, Rapid Extrication to Safety, Assessment by Medical Providers, and Transport to Definitive Care

What does the term 'Unified Command' refer to?

An authority structure in which the role of incident commander is shared by individuals from all responding organizations responsible for the incident

What is the purpose of a Warm (Yellow) Zone in an incident?

To perform rapid direct medical intervention prior to evacuating victims

What is the distinction between 'shall' and 'should' as used in the text?

'Shall' indicates a mandatory requirement, while 'should' indicates a recommendation or advice

What characterizes a Violent Incident according to the text?

Suicide attempt, Domestic disturbance, Shooting, Stabbing, Physical altercation are all examples of violent incidents as per the text

What action should the first arriving Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department unit attempt to accomplish?

Contact Dispatch, Coordinate with other responding agencies to establish a Unified Command, Establish the Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department personnel accountability system are all actions to be attempted

What does Third party complainants refer to?

Complaint from someone other than then the person directly involved and Complainant called to report that their family member posted on social media they were going to harm themselves are both accurate descriptions

What takes place in a Treatment Area according to the text?

Triage and Treatment of victims after extraction and sorting are both activities that take place in a Treatment Area

When does space triage occur according to the text?

Space triage can occur during multiple phases and is a constant and re-occurring process

Who typically operates in the warm (yellow) zone?

Only essential units given authority and clear direction to operate

What should incoming units do when nearing an ASHER scene where law enforcement is not yet present?

Turn off emergency lights and/or sirens when nearing the scene

Which representative must be included in Unified Command during an ASHER incident?

Law-enforcement, fire, and EMS representatives at a minimum

What is the primary responsibility for overall incident safety, security, and stabilization during an ASHER incident?

Law Enforcement agency

What should CSPFD do in response to a confirmed ASHER incident?

Respond directly to the confirmed staging area and report to the staging officer

When should an Emergency Operation Center (EOC) be activated by CSPFD?

If the Incident Commander (IC) determines the likelihood of disturbance escalation

What is the first priority to be safely achieved during a response to any incident?

Life Safety

What should all units do once they arrive at an incident scene?

Bring their active killer trauma kits with them

What does Unified Command in an incident involve?

Expanding the Incident Command Structure as needed

When does the Incident Commander (IC) determine the need to expand the organizational structure?

When the existing ICS structure becomes insufficient

What must CSPFD personnel do when responding into a 'Restricted Area or Warm (Yellow) Zone'?

Follow all directions of law enforcement officers

What tasks should Fire and EMS personnel be able to perform when operating in a warm zone?

Constantly evaluate the scene for emerging or reemerging threats

What is the recommended location for establishing a Command Post (CP)?

In a cold zone or at a safe location preferably located in the cold zone or at a remote location.

Why should CSPFD PERSONNEL NOT respond into 'Denied Areas or Hot (Red) Zones'?

For their own safety unless they are part of a specialized team

What type of body armor is mandated for CSPFD personnel according to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standard?

Level III-A ballistic vest

What is the procedure for personnel operating in a warm zone or the potential to operate in a warm zone of an ASHER event regarding ballistic vest and helmet protection?

They are required to don the department-issued ballistic vest and helmet protection at all times.

When can personnel don ballistic personal protection based upon the circumstances of the call?

When they assess a risk to their personal safety, regardless of law enforcement presence.

What should be done before repairs are made in case of any damage to CSPFD property or apparatus?

Take photos of the damage by authorized personnel.

What is crucial in the context of records retention for CSPFD personnel?

Documenting all cases and information in detail for possible later investigation.

Who designates the responsibility for completing the After Action Report (AAR) following confirmed active killer/hostile incidents?

The fire chief

What is mandated for CSPFD unit transport of an ASHER suspect to any hospital?

It should be assigned to a mutual aid unit.

"Activation of the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) should be considered to assist with resource allocation and other needed functions". Where does this guidance come from?

"Activation of the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) should be considered to assist with resource allocation and other needed functions."

"All personnel whether CSPFD or mutual aid units shall remain in the city until an operations debrief can be conducted." What is this statement emphasizing?

"All personnel whether CSPFD or mutual aid units shall remain in the city until an operations debrief can be conducted."

"Rapid access, extrication and transport can save lives." What is this statement highlighting?

"Rapid access, extrication and transport can save lives."

In which zone should the primary victim care in an ASHER/MCI be conducted?

Warm zone

What is the guiding principle for transporting a critical victim of an ASHER incident from the CCP/treatment area to the hospital?

Transport without stopping at any secondary location

What should personnel safety be maximized for during fire operations?

Maximizing personnel safety

What should personnel operate from whenever practical?

A position of cover

When should rapid lifesaving interventions be performed?

In the warm (yellow) zone at the discretion of LE and CSPFD personnel

Under what conditions will fire suppression activities be initiated?

Under the protection and cover of law enforcement

What is not to be used while responding within lockdown areas?

"Code 3" - warning lights, sirens, and horns

When will CSPFD resources be committed to an incident in a lockdown area?

"Only if there is a threat to life, exposures, or if benefits outweigh the risks"

"Load and go" procedures for emergency medical transportation are to be accomplished in which situations?

"Where either the scene stability or victim stability is questionable"

"The organizational structure utilized to effectively handle the MCI shall be initiated as soon as possible". What does MCI stand for in this context?

"Mass Casualty Incident"

"In absence of MCI Tags, what documentation should the transport officer have when transporting patients?"

"Patient name, age, gender, race"

This quiz assesses the ability to recognize conditions that cause a work zone to change from warm to hot, evaluate the situation, and take measures to ensure personal safety. The content includes identifying when units can be deployed into lockdown areas and ensuring that all personnel are fully informed of the situation.

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