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Which of the following is not an example of a negative communication technique?

Maintaining eye contact while referencing the patient's chart

In the context of a terminally ill patient with mutual pretense of their condition, what is the most inappropriate action?

Happily moving around the room trying to cheer him/her up

When receiving an order for a radiographic study on a clearly intoxicated but coherent patient, what is an essential first step to take?

For your safety, have a security officer remain with the patient during the exam

Which stage of the dying process involves feeling a sense of hopelessness about the future?


In the context of medical imaging, what type of touch is used to guide a patient into the correct position for an examination?


What is the primary emotion experienced by most patients entering a hospital?

Fear of the unknown and about their condition

Which of the following needs is NOT completely satisfied according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs?

Acceptance by peers

What is the preferred location of a central venous line tip?

Superior vena cava

What is the 'music of speech' known as in communication?


Which of the following is NOT included as part of the customary stages of the dying or grieving process?

Frustration, shock, desolation, acceptance, and denial

What should a healthcare professional do when determining a patient's description of pain?

"All of the above"

Which physical change is NOT typically experienced by the elderly with the GI system?

Increased secretions

What is considered the first stage of acceptance of dying for a terminally ill patient?

Denial and desolation

What is the first and most basic need according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs?

Shelter, nourishment, and water

When working with an elderly patient, what should you do to deal with the patient's attitude if they become irritated during questioning?

Speak slowly and clearly and ask for understanding and feedback

What is NOT an example of nonverbal communication characteristic?

Volume of voice

When questioning patients to obtain an accurate patient history, what approach should be taken?

Start with open-ended questions and then follow up with more direct inquiries

What is the chief complaint of a patient regarding their need for medical care?

Chief complaint

What is the key question most radiologists want answered when it relates to any medical imaging examination?

Why is the patient having this examination?

What would be inappropriate during a medical imaging examination?

Ask the patient leading questions regarding his or her symptoms

In what situation would an imaging sciences professional record the depth of inspiration as an item of subjective data?

Record the depth of inspiration as an item of subjective data

Which of the following is not one of the sacred seven of medical histories, as mentioned in the text?

Family history

In good history taking, all of the following are examples of subjective data except:

Respiratory rate

What is the correct positioning when lifting a stack of heavy grid cassettes from the floor to a counter?

Keep your feet very wide apart and your back arched when lifting

When positioning a patient in a rolling motion transfer, what should you do?

Always move the patient toward you

In which position is a patient sleeping if they are on their side with legs together and knees bent?

None of the above

What is a sudden drop in a patient's blood pressure caused by standing or sitting upright called?

Orthostatic hypotension

Under what circumstances is an inflatable air splint used?

Lower extremity trauma

What is the purpose of a patient transfer?

Safely move a patient from one area to another

When transferring a patient from a wheelchair to a radiographic table, what should be the position of the wheelchair?

Position the wheelchair at a 90-degree angle to the table

After successfully completing a safe hydraulic lift of a large patient, what should the imaging professional do?

Return the patient in a wheelchair with the transfer sling under the patient

When moving a patient to or from a stretcher, what is important to do?

Lock the stretcher securely against the examination table

When performing a two-person lift of a patient from a wheelchair, what is important to do?

Lift the patient as a unit, with his or her arms crossed and legs straight

When taking a portable chest radiograph on a patient undergoing oxygen therapy, what is the recommended action regarding the oxygen delivery system?

The oxygen should not be removed without the consent of a physician or respiratory care practitioner

In the context of medical imaging, what type of touch is used to guide a patient into the correct position for an examination?

Therapeutic touch

What kind of tube(s) is (are) inserted into the patient to relieve a large tension pneumothorax?

Chest and Thoracostomy

In the context of assessing the correct placement of a central venous (CV) line using a right-sided approach, where should the catheter tip be located?

Not cross the midline of the patient and should be located in the superior vena cava

A Swan-Ganz catheter is intended for what purpose?

To measure pulmonary wedge pressures

Test your knowledge of safe lifting techniques with this quiz. Determine the best practices for lifting and carrying objects or individuals to avoid injury and strain.

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