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What is the most severe traffic conviction based on the number of points added to your driving record?

Passing a stopped school bus that is loading or unloading children

In what situation should you use low-beam headlights while driving?

In foggy conditions

What action can reduce three points from your driving record if you have accumulated 7 or more points?

Attend a Driver Improvement Clinic

On secondary roads, what type of terrain features are more likely to be encountered compared to primary roads?

Steeper hills and sharper curves

If you reach a 4-way stop intersection with two other vehicles at the same time, who has the right of way?

The car on the right

What should you do if your vehicle sways freely, leans heavily during turns, or bounces continuously?

Check the suspension system for issues

What should you do if you run off the side of the road?

Gradually take your foot off the gas pedal.

What should you do when approaching a railroad crossing?

Slow down and prepare to stop.

Why should defensive drivers check their rear view mirror and side mirrors roughly every 10 seconds?

To check for blind spots and monitor surrounding traffic.

What is the most common type of accident on a highway?

Rear-end collision.

If you are driving into a circle, what should you do?

Yield to cars already in the circle.

What should you do if you plan to turn but are not in the proper lane to do so?

Continue straight until you find a suitable turning lane.

Test your knowledge of safe driving practices with this quiz covering topics like driving in snow, using headlights, and traffic violations. See how well you know the rules of the road!

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