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What differentiates motels from hotels in terms of location?

Motels are connected by doors facing a parking lot

How do youth hostels stand out from hotels in terms of social atmosphere?

Opportunity for socializing and less formal atmosphere

What aspect of capsule hotels might limit female guests from staying in them?

Segregation by gender

How do motels differ from hotels in terms of building aesthetics?

Connected rooms facing a parking lot

In what way do capsule hotels resemble dorm beds in hostels?

Pricing that is on par with dorm beds

What is a common feature among motels that caters mostly to motorists?

'A series of small cabins with individual parking'

'Private rooms are often available' in which type of accommodation?

'Youth Hostel'

'There is a lot of opportunity to socialize' in which type of accommodation?

'Youth Hostel'

What distinguishes hostels from hotels in terms of privacy?

Hostels offer less privacy than hotels due to shared facilities

Who is responsible for the overall business in a large property?

General Manager

What is the primary responsibility of the security department in a hotel?

Ensuring the premises' security

Which job title is responsible for maintaining plant machinery and water treatment in engineering?

Chief Engineer

In a large property, who oversees a specific department or function?


What is the role of a Division Director in engineering?

Overseeing fountains and water features

What is the difference between a General Manager and a Department Manager in a large property?

Scope of responsibilities

What is the key function of day managers in a large property?

Overseeing room cleaning

Which job title in engineering is responsible for sewage treatment?


What is a common task carried out by hotel security departments to prevent incidents?

CCTV monitoring

What is the main focus of a night manager's role in a large property?

Overseeing late-night operations

Test your knowledge on recreational vehicles (RV) and rail transport. Learn about the differences between the two modes of transportation and the reasons why traveling by train is popular in many developed countries.

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