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Как называется вершина Уральских гор?

В какой части России находятся Кавказские горы?

Што асабліва цешыць вачы карыстальнікаў Каўказскіх гор?

Што засвідчуе найвышэйша гора Росії і Еўропы?

Дзе знаходзіцца найбуйнейшая равіна Расіі?

Якая гара падцягвае тысячы турыстаў на год?

Што характарызуе Уральскія горы, адзначаныя ў тэксце?

Дзе знаходзяцца горы, якія займаюць важнае месца ў геапалітыцы Расіі?

Што з'яўляецца сэрцаўнай часткай аграгарадку Расіі, як апісваецца ў тэксце?

Які аспект образования підкреслює постійний доступ до матеріалу через мобільні пристрої?

Чому використання QR-кодів у навчальному процесі є важливим?

Як мобільні пристрої сприяють утвердженню концепції освіти як постійного процесу?


Russia's Mountains and Plains

Russia, the world's largest country, is a geographical behemoth boasting an array of mountain ranges and vast expanses of plains that trace the nation's rich and varied history. From the snow-capped peaks of the Ural Mountains to the grasslands of the Western Siberian plain, let's explore Russia's majestic mountains and fertile plains.

Уральские горы

Spanning the westernmost part of Russia and extending into Europe, the Ural Mountains are much more than the dividing line between Europe and Asia. This rugged mountain range features rocky, granite peaks, and dense forests, which support diverse flora and fauna. The Urals are also home to important mineral resources, including iron, copper, and gold. The highest peak is the Narodnaya, which stands at 1,895 meters (6,218 feet).

The Urals are also fascinating for their role in Russian history. The Trans-Ural Railway, a crucial part of the Russian Empire's military and industrial infrastructure, was constructed during the 1930s. The Urals were a focal point of the Cold War, with their industrial centers lying behind the Iron Curtain.


Stretching across the southern border of Russia, the Caucasus Mountains form a natural divide between Europe and Asia. This picturesque mountain range, famed for its beauty and unique geography, is riddled with deep gorges, dramatic waterfalls, and snowy peaks. The Elbrus, at 5,642 meters (18,510 feet), is the highest mountain in Russia and Europe.

The Caucasus has played a significant role in Russia's history and modern-day geopolitics, with its territory contested between Russia, Georgia, and other neighboring countries. The region is rich in minerals, including gold, copper, and silver, and is a center of tourism, attracting thousands of visitors annually.

Западно-Сибирская равнина

The Western Siberian Plain is the largest of Russia's plains, covering nearly 1 million square kilometers (390,000 square miles). This vast grassland is home to Russia's largest river, the Ob, and its tributary, the Irtysh. The Western Siberian Plain is a center of agriculture, with vast fields of wheat, barley, and sunflowers and an abundance of timber resources.

The region has been inhabited since Paleolithic times, and its history is rich with archaeological finds. Since the 1950s, the plains have been a focal point of industrial development in Russia, with the construction of major oil and gas pipelines, nuclear power plants, and the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Восточно-Европейская равнина

The Eastern European Plain is the second-largest plain in Russia and is situated in the country's westernmost region. The plain is characterized by fertile, rolling hills, and flatlands, with the Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow regions lying amidst the flatlands.

The Eastern European Plain is the agricultural heartland of Russia, with rich, fertile soils supporting the growth of a wide variety of grains, vegetables, and other crops. The plain is also a center of industrial development, with many of Russia's major cities and factories situated in the region.

In conclusion, Russia's mountains and plains are a testament to the country's rich history and fascinating geography. From the snow-capped peaks of the Ural Mountains to the verdant grasslands of the Western Siberian Plain, these landscapes have shaped Russian culture, history, and industry. Whether it's scaling the Elbrus, traversing the Trans-Ural Railway, or reaping the fertile lands of the Eastern European Plain, Russia's mountains and plains are an endless source of discovery and adventure.


Explore the diverse geography of Russia, from the rugged Ural Mountains to the picturesque Caucasus Mountains and the vast plains of Western Siberia and Eastern Europe. Learn about the rich history, resources, and cultural significance of these majestic landscapes in Russia.

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