Russian Language in the US

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What is the rank of Russian language in the United States based on its number of speakers?

Which group of people makes up the majority of Russian speakers in the United States?

When did the first Russians arrive in the New World?

Which area in the United States has the largest number of Russian speakers?

In which ZIP code is the highest density of Russian speakers observed?

Are Russian speakers in the United States more likely to have a higher education degree than the national average?

In which states is the Russian-speaking population younger?

Which Russian-language newspaper has the largest circulation in the US?

Which of the following television stations is not listed as a Russian television station available in the United States?


Russian Language in the United States

  • Russian is one of the top fifteen most spoken languages in the United States, and the 12th most spoken language in the country.
  • Most Russian speakers in the United States today are Russian Jews.
  • The first Russians to land on the New World were explorers who reached Alaska in 1648.
  • The New York metropolitan area contains the largest number of Russian-speakers in the United States.
  • California has the second-largest number of Russian speakers, and the highest density of Russian speakers is observed in the ZIP code 90046, corresponding to the city of West Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles.
  • Russian speakers are more likely to have a higher education degree than the national average.
  • The Russian-speaking population is younger in states with large Old Believer or former-USSR Evangelical concentrations, such as Alaska and Oregon.
  • Russkaya Reklama is the largest Russian-language newspaper in the US, with a circulation of over 100,000.
  • Novoe russkoe slovo, published since 1910, was the longest published Russian daily newspaper until 2009 when it went weekly.
  • Some Russian television stations in the United States include NTV America, Russkii Mir (Russian World), RTR Planeta, RT News, RTVi, Channel One, Israel Plus.
  • Radio Mayak and Radio Baltica are also available in North America.
  • The Slavic Sacramento and Slavic Family are the only two online sources that publish daily news in Russian in California, Oregon, and Washington.


How much do you know about the Russian language and its presence in the United States? Test your knowledge with our quiz and learn interesting facts about the history, demographics, media, and culture of Russian-speaking communities in America. From the first Russian explorers in Alaska to the largest Russian-language newspaper and TV channels, this quiz covers a variety of topics related to the Russian language in the US. Whether you're a language enthusiast or simply curious about the diversity of America, take this quiz and discover new insights

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