Russian Empire in 1914 History

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What percentage of factory labor in 1914 was comprised of women?


How did metalworkers in Petersburg view themselves compared to other workers?

They considered themselves aristocrats.

What was a common theme among workers in terms of forming associations?

To help members during unemployment or financial difficulties.

In what industry did strikes take place frequently during 1896-1897, according to the text?


How did nobles in the text acquire power and position, unlike the nobles in France during the French Revolution?

By providing services to the Tsar

What was the predominant religion in the Russian Empire in 1914?

Russian Orthodox Christianity

Which territories were included in the Russian Empire in 1914?

Georgia and Armenia

Where did Russia's agriculture primarily come from in the beginning of the 20th century?

Central Asian states

Which cities were known for prominent craft workshops in the Russian Empire?

Moscow and St. Petersburg

During the 1890s, what significant development occurred in Russia's factory production?

Increase in coal production

Learn about the Russian Empire in 1914 under the rule of Tsar Nicholas II, including its territories and religious composition. Explore the vast expanse of the empire from Moscow to the Pacific, as well as its diverse religious communities.

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