Russian Civil War

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What was the main reason for the Russian army breaking up when the Bolsheviks ordered land redistribution?

Desire to desert and go home for the redistribution

Which group condemned the Bolshevik uprising and organized troops to fight the 'reds'?

Non-Bolshevik socialists, liberals, and supporters of autocracy

During 1918 and 1919, which groups controlled most of the Russian empire?

'Greens' (Socialist Revolutionaries) and 'whites' (pro-Tsarists)

Who supported the 'greens' (Socialist Revolutionaries) and 'whites' (pro-Tsarists) in their control of the Russian empire?

French, American, British, and Japanese troops

What negative consequences arose as French, American, British, and Japanese troops fought alongside 'greens' and 'whites' in Russia?

Looting, banditry, and famine became common

What led to the loss of popular support for the non-Bolsheviks during the Russian civil war?

Harsh treatment of peasants who had seized land

How did the Bolsheviks gain control over most of the former Russian empire by January 1920?

Cooperation with non-Russian nationalities and Muslims

In what region did Bolshevik colonists carry out a brutal massacre in defense of socialism?

Khiva in Central Asia

'Many were confused about what the Bolshevik government represented.' This statement implies that:

'The Bolshevik government's intentions were unclear.'

Which faction suffered from the loss of popular support due to their actions against peasants who had seized land during the Russian civil war?


Test your knowledge of the events during the Russian Civil War, including the involvement of Bolsheviks, soldiers, non-Bolshevik socialists, and the 'greens' and 'whites'. Learn about the factions that fought for control over the Russian empire in 1918 and 1919.

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