Rural Life Challenges in 'School Education' Chapter 747

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Did all the farmers in Dhanu's village have their own land?


During what time of the year did Dhanu's family get work in the village? During what time did they not have work?

They got work in the fields during the rainy season but did not have work during the dry months.

Do you know of any families like Dhanu's, who have to leave their villages for months in search of work?


If people in Dhanu's village did not leave the village in search of work, what difficulties would they face in their own village?

They would face financial difficulties and struggle to survive due to lack of work during the dry months.

Do you think farming can be done even without rain water? How?

Yes, farming can be done without rain water through methods like drip irrigation or using stored water.

What do the men in Dhanu's village primarily do in the sugarcane fields?

Harvest sugarcane

What is the purpose of the receipt that Dhanu's father receives at the sugar factory?

As proof of the sugarcane they have given

Where do Dhanu and his family stay for six months when they leave the village?

In huts made of dry sugarcane and its leaves

What does Dhanu's mother buy from the market for the next week?

Alta (flour) and oil

Why doesn't Dhanu go to school during the six months they spend away from the village?

He needs to help his family in cutting sugarcane

What does Dhanu's father do with the receipt received from the sugar factory agent?

He keeps an account of their loan

Why does Dhanu spend nights outside the sugar factory on bullock-carts sometimes?

'Lakes candoi ond' The caravan settles there

What does Dhanu's mother buy from the market for the children?


Explore the challenges faced by rural families in 'School Education' Chapter 747, such as managing finances during drought seasons and relying on loans from agents like Mukadam. Find out about the impact of these challenges on farmers' land ownership in Dhanu's village.

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