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What is the main goal of a 'formally correct' program?

To be proven mathematically correct

Which type of error results from improper use of program statements?

Semantic errors

In the context of programming, what do compile time errors primarily include?

Syntax errors and static semantic errors

What is the purpose of tools like JavaDoc, Doxygen, and Sphinx mentioned in the text?

To assist in documenting code and generating documentation

What type of errors are runtime errors, dynamic semantic errors, and logical errors?

Errors that cannot be detected by the compiler

Why is it recommended to test simple cases, large cases, weird cases, and limit cases in software testing?

To ensure all possible scenarios are covered

From a testing perspective, why might implementing software first and testing at the end be a risky approach?

It may result in overlooking critical bugs until late stages

What is the main idea behind Test-Driven Development (TDD)?

Develop code incrementally based on failing tests

What is the purpose of Rule#1 in Test-Driven Development (TDD)?

To establish a measure of success before coding

What does the 'Green' phase in the Red, Green, Refactor approach of Test-Driven Development (TDD) focus on?

Thinking about how to make tests pass

Why does Test-Driven Development (TDD) promote incremental programming?

By focusing on small bits of code at a time

In TDD, when should the test fail according to Rule#1?

Before any coding is implemented

What is the significance of writing unit tests before functional code in TDD?

It helps in establishing a measure of success

This quiz covers runtime errors such as dynamic semantic errors and logical errors that cannot be detected by the compiler, along with debugging techniques. It also explores formal methods, which involve using mathematical modeling for system specification, development, and verification in software development.

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