Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution

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What was mainly responsible for the tremendous economic transformation in Western Europe and the United States of America in the nineteenth century?

Which sources of energy and power replaced wind and water powers after the Industrial Revolution?

Which economic system has been dominant in the Western world since the collapse of feudalism?

What socio-economic classes were promoted by industrialization, especially during the early modern period?

From what eighteenth-century commerce did modern industrial capitalism arise?

What was the role of plantation riches and the transatlantic slave trade in the development of capitalism in Europe?

What was the impact of the slave trade on British port towns like Liverpool?

What is the role of capitalists or bourgeoisie in a capitalist system?

How does a capitalist economy differ from a socialist economy's central planning structure?

How was industrialization linked to militarization and nationalism in countries like Germany and Italy?


Explore the relationship between capitalism and the Industrial Revolution and how they have shaped the modern economic system. Understand the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the growth and development of capitalism in the Western world.

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