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What is the responsibility of a license holder if important aspects of a client's problem fall outside their competence?

What is the guiding principle for a license holder in determining their area(s) of competence?

How should a license holder maintain current competency in the areas they practice?

What is the consequence if a provider waives the payment of a deductible or copayment as an enticement to a patient?

What is one action that is considered advertising that a provider will waive the payment of a deductible or copayment?

What may the board require prior to the issuance or restoration of something?

What is telepsychology?

What is the requirement to practice telepsychology in the state of Ohio?

What are the responsibilities of license holders practicing telepsychology?

What precautions should license holders practicing telepsychology take?

What are some potential risks of providing telepsychology services?

What should a licensee do in case of sudden and unpredictable disruption of telepsychology services?

Who may have access to communications between the client and the licensee?

What are some violations of law that a license holder should avoid in the practice of psychology or school psychology?

What is the biennial registration fee for the period from July 1, 2020, and thereafter?

When is a license automatically expired if the required documents are not received?

Under what conditions can the board waive the payment of the registration fee and completion of continuing education for a license holder?

What actions can the state board of psychology take against an applicant or license holder?

What is the definition of a psychologist according to ORC 4732.01?

What does the practice of psychology include according to ORC 4732.01?

What is the definition of a school psychologist according to ORC 4732.01?

What services are included in the practice of school psychology according to ORC 4732.01?


Test your knowledge of the laws and rules governing psychologists and school psychologists with this quiz. Questions focus on ORC 473

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