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What show inspired Rowan Atkinson to pursue acting?

Monty Python's Flying Circus

What was Rowan Atkinson's first TV-watching experience as a child?

Val Doonican Show

How does Rowan Atkinson describe 'Man Vs Bee' in one word?


In 'Man Vs Bee', what type of home is Rowan Atkinson house-sitting for the first time?

High-tech home

Which character is Rowan Atkinson best known for?

Mr. Bean

What does Rowan Atkinson reveal about his process with visual comedy?

He rehearses first, then writes down what was done in rehearsal.

What quality does Rowan Atkinson hope not to share with his character Trevor?


Which activity does Rowan Atkinson find most enjoyable while filming?

Filming action scenes

What trait does Rowan Atkinson aim to bring to the set to help him stay calm?


What career path did Rowan Atkinson consider before becoming an actor?


Rowan Atkinson played a spy named Johnny English in 'Man Vs Bee'.


Rowan Atkinson's iconic character in the 80s anthology series Blackadder is known for his serious demeanor.


Rowan Atkinson mentioned that Monty Python's Flying Circus was a significant influence on his decision to become an actor.


Rowan Atkinson's first TV-watching experience as a child was watching a show called the Val Doonican Show.


In 'Man Vs Bee', Rowan Atkinson describes the film as relaxing.


Rowan Atkinson describes himself as obsessive like his character Trevor in 'Man Vs Bee'.


Rowan Atkinson once raced an E-Type Jaguar in the main race at the Le Mans circuit in France.


Rowan Atkinson finds truth to be the most laugh-inducing factor in comedy.


Rowan Atkinson always brings a sense of stress to the set with him.


Rowan Atkinson's childhood dream was to become a professional actor.


Test your knowledge on Rowan Atkinson's comedic performance in the movie Man Vs Bee. Explore questions about his iconic roles, including Mr. Bean and Johnny English, as well as his contributions to the 80s series Blackadder.

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