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What is the Prince's doom according to Friar Lawrence?

Body's banishment

How does Romeo react to the news of his banishment?

He prefers death over banishment

What does Romeo believe world's exile is, according to him?


How does Friar Lawrence describe the Prince's decision as opposed to the law?


In what way does Romeo perceive the Prince's decision?


What does Romeo accuse the Prince of doing after the judgment of banishment?

Turning 'death' to 'banishment'

Who does Romeo compare himself to in terms of being able to see Juliet?

carrion flies

What does Romeo say would be a more bearable fate than his banishment?


What does Friar Lawrence offer Romeo to comfort him during his banishment?


What does Romeo reject as a solution to his suffering?


What does Romeo believe wise men lack?


Who arrives to seek Friar Lawrence's help regarding Romeo and Juliet?


Study Notes

Friar Lawrence's Cell

  • Friar Lawrence calls Romeo, telling him he is afflicted with calamity and wedded to sorrow.
  • Romeo asks about the Prince's doom, fearing the worst.

Romeo's Banishment

  • Friar Lawrence reveals that the Prince's judgement is not death, but banishment from Verona.
  • Romeo reacts with horror, saying banishment is worse than death, as it separates him from Juliet.

Romeo's Emotional Response

  • Romeo sees banishment as a form of torture, as it keeps him from Juliet and makes him unworthy of her.
  • He feels Heaven is where Juliet lives, and even insects are freer than he is.

Friar Lawrence's Comfort

  • Friar Lawrence tries to offer Romeo comfort, saying the Prince's mercy has spared his life.
  • Romeo rejects this, feeling that banishment is a cruel fate.

The Arrival of the Nurse

  • The Nurse arrives, knocking at Friar Lawrence's door, with a message from Lady Juliet.
  • Friar Lawrence lets her in, and the Nurse asks about Romeo's whereabouts.

Test your knowledge of Act 3 Scene 3 from Romeo and Juliet where Friar Lawrence delivers news to Romeo about the Prince's doom. See how well you remember the key dialogues between Romeo and Friar Lawrence in this crucial scene.

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