Romantic Literature Period Overview

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The Romantic period of literature ends in 1832.


William Wordsworth and Coleridge published their Lyrical Ballads in 1798.


Adam Smith wrote Wealth of Nations in 1776.


The Romantic period is also known as the 'Age of Revolutions'.


The power and wealth in the Romantic period were transferred from the landholding aristocracy to the urban industrial laborers.


William Blake's love is compared to the wind because he has not yet expressed his love. True or false?


The poet believes that if he tells his loved one of his affection, the relationship will soon end. True or false?


The second stanza of the poem is significant because it describes the moment of a love confession. True or false?


Blake's affection is compared to a gentle, invisible, and silent wind because it has been kept in secret. True or false?


The poet, William Blake, repeats the phrase 'I told my love' to demonstrate the moment he admits his love to his loved one. True or false?


Study Notes

Poem Analysis: Love's Secret by William Blake

  • The poem's central idea is that love can exist without being expressed verbally.
  • The narrator advises against expressing love, suggesting that unspoken love can still thrive.
  • The gentle wind is used as a metaphor to convey the silent and invisible nature of love.

Narrator's Confession

  • The narrator confesses to having told their love, despite the initial warning.
  • This confession is accompanied by feelings of fear and trembling.
  • The narrator's love departed soon after the confession.

The Tragic Consequence

  • A traveler arrives, symbolizing the loss of the narrator's love.
  • The traveler takes the narrator's love away, leaving the narrator with a sense of loss and longing.
  • The use of the word "sigh" suggests a sense of resignation and despair.

Themes and Interpretations

  • The poem explores the theme of unspoken love and its consequences.
  • The narrator's interpretation of love is that it can exist without verbal expression, but the poem suggests that this approach may not always lead to a positive outcome.
  • The poem leaves the reader with questions about the nature of love and relationships.

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