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Which term is derived from the word 'rocaille' meaning 'shell'?


Who is considered the Father of Rococo Art?

Jean Antoine Watteau

Which artistic style aimed to please more than to instruct and is characterized by elaborate designs?


Which movement rebelled against the intellectualization brought by Neoclassicism?


What are the main color harmonies used in Rococo art to generate a lighthearted feeling?

Gold, white, pink, blue, green

In Rococo art, what did artists mix to create naturalistic inspired work?

Seashells, pebbles, and other organic elements

What did the Neo-classicists emphasize in their style of art?

The individuality and creativity of the artist

What was a key characteristic of Impressionist artists' work?

The use of tiny dots in painting

Which movement emphasized the importance of senses, emotion, and imagination in understanding the world?


What type of scenes were preferred subjects for Impressionist artists?

Outdoor scenes and contemporary everyday life

Which movement rebelled against conventional and academic standards in art?


What was a key influence on the architecture during the Romantic Movement?

Greek and Gothic style

Who is often considered the 'Father of Impressionism'?

Claude Monet

What did Post-Impressionists give more importance to in their vision?

Portraying realistic subjects with bold colors

Which artist pioneered the technique of Pointillism?

George Surat

What was characteristic of Impressionist artists' technique in capturing light?

Working quickly to capture what they see at the moment

Test your knowledge of Rococo art and artists with this quiz. Learn about the continuation of the Baroque style, the influence of naturalistic elements, and the distinguished French-style artworks. Explore the works of Jean Antoine Watteau and his famous painting 'The Pleasure of the Ball' (1717).

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