Rocker Sole UERMMMCI - BSPT ABBANG - OCAMPO - VILLAJUAN 3 Assistive Technologies

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What is the main function of a Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker Boot (CROW Boot)?

Control the foot/ankle and offload pressure

Which type of AFO is used mainly for fractures of the tibia and/or fibula or when the ankle needs complete off-loading?

Off the Shelf AFO

What is the main function of a Tone Reducing AFO?

Reduce muscle tone by stretching muscles

Which type of joint has an axis placed posterior to the line of uprights?

Posterior Offset Joint

Which lower extremity orthotic combines an AFO section with a knee joint and thigh section?


What is the main purpose of a Mild Rocker Sole in lower extremity orthotics?

Assist gait by easing and increasing forward propulsion

Which type of AFO has a significant rocker angle at the toe with little or no angle at the heel?

Jointed Toe Rocker

What is the purpose of a Negative Heel Rocker in lower extremity orthotics?

Reduce pressure on the midfoot

Which design encourages faster rollover in terminal stance for AFOs?

Heel-to-toe Rocker Sole

Which type of AFO is typically worn on the lower leg and foot, designed to correct and support ankle and foot issues?

Off the shelf AFO

In what scenario is a Double Rocker Sole most useful for patients?

Charcot midfoot condition

Which type of AFO is typically prescribed for cases where control is needed in the sagittal plane and the subtalar joint?

Posterior Shell Rigid AFO

What is the main function of the Anterior Shell Jointed AFO?

Limits Dorsiflexion

Which AFO type assists in dorsiflexion during the swing phase?

Posterior Leaf Spring AFO (PLS AFO)

What does the Posterior Leaf Spring AFO (PLS AFO) resist during the loading response?


In what circumstances is the Anterior Shell Rigid AFO indicated?

Need for control in the sagittal plane

Which type of AFO stops both plantar flexion and dorsiflexion and also limits knee flexion?

Anterior Shell Rigid AFO

This quiz covers the use of Rocker Sole in Lower Extremity Orthotics to influence the progression of the Ground Reaction Forces (GRF) and the center of pressure during the stance period. It includes information on mild Rocker Sole angles, their benefits, and the design of custom-made thermoplastic braces for the lower leg and foot.

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