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When approaching a railway crossing that has the flashing red light and bell activated, what is the correct procedure?

Reduce speed, check for trains, and then proceed across the tracks

What is the recommended method for traveling through a curve on a highway?

Reduce speed before the curve, stay in the lane and gently accelerate after entering the curve

What does a yield sign indicate?

Yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and traffic

Why is it not safe to pass a loaded log-haul truck that is turning?

Passing increases the risk of being hit by logs falling off

What should a vehicle exiting a parking lot onto a roadway do?

Must come to a complete stop

What should you do when turning from a one-way road onto another one-way road?

Turn right only

What does a slow moving vehicle sign indicate?

Slow-moving vehicle ahead, be prepared to adjust speed

When should you cover the brake pedal before a curve?

Before entering the curve as a precaution

What must you do when encountering a dangerous goods vehicle placard indicating flammable gas?

Avoid overtaking this vehicle at all costs

Why is parental consent necessary for obtaining a driver's license?

To guarantee that parents are aware of their child's driving habits.

Test your knowledge about road signs and traffic laws with this quiz. Questions cover topics such as interpreting road signs and understanding driver licensing programs.

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