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What is the theme of the commemoration mentioned in the text?

On what date did the President lead the simultaneous raising of the Philippine flag at half-mast and wreath offering at Rizal's monument?

In what locations were wreaths offered during the commemoration?

Why was the Philippine flag raised at half-mast during the commemoration?

What is the significance of December 30th in relation to Jose Rizal?

What did the President's action during the commemoration symbolize?

What did Retana think about Rizal's execution?

Why did Carlos Quirino write Rizal's biography?

How did Carlos Quirino describe Rizal in his work?

According to Rafael Palma, how can his biography of Rizal be distinguished from Quirino's?

What event was triggered by Rizal's execution according to the text?

How did Retana feel about Rizal after their initial conflict?

Who loaned Rizal 300 pesos for printing the first 2,000 copies of his novel?

Which gospel inspired Rizal's novel, 'Touch me not for I am not yet ascended to my Father'?

Who is believed to be a personalized character in Rizal's novel, representing a mysterious figure?

What did Rizal reveal in his novel about the Filipinos' wrong beliefs and lifestyles?

In Rizal's novel, who was portrayed attacking the abuses of the friars particularly within the Church?

Which major character in the novel aimed to establish a school but became a wanted person by Spanish authorities?

When did Rizal write his first poem in a foreign soil?

Where did Rizal study paintings and sculpture while in Europe?

What was the reason behind almost setting fire to the manuscript of Noli Me Tangere?

Why did Rizal delete the chapter 'Elias and Salome' from Noli Me Tangere?

What was the main reason for Rizal leaving Barcelona for Madrid?

Which activity was NOT undertaken by Rizal during his time in Madrid?

What was the condition of the banks of the Suez Canal according to the text?

When did Jose Rizal arrive in Naples, Italy?

Which city did Rizal find to be dirty, populated, and inhospitable?

Where did Rizal visit the chateaus where Dante's hero Edmond Dantes was imprisoned?

How long did Rizal stay in France before heading to Barcelona, Spain?

What was the width of the Suez Canal mentioned in the text?


Test your knowledge on Jose Rizal's travel accounts, including descriptions of hard and sandy soil heated by the sun and details about the Suez Canal. Explore Rizal's observations and experiences during his journeys.

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