Rizal's Academic Achievements at Ateneo

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Who authored the Rizal Law, also known as R.A. 1425?

Claro M. Recto

What was the main purpose of the Rizal Law when it was proposed by Claro M. Recto?

To mandate the study of Jose Rizal's life and works in colleges and universities

Why did the Catholic Church oppose the Rizal Bill that mandated the reading of Noli Me Tángere and El Filibusterismo?

The books promoted anti-Catholic sentiments

Who inserted a compromise into the Rizal Bill that allowed college students to read unexpurgated versions of certain contested materials?

Jose P. Laurel

Why did Gov. Izquierdo offer the little girl a deal?

Because he wanted to grant her any wish

When was the Rizal Law officially approved by the Philippine Legislature?

June 12, 1956

What was the reason Jose failed to earn the medal in Spanish?

He couldn't speak Spanish fluently with the right accent

What was the reason behind the compromise inserted by Jose P. Laurel in the Rizal Bill?

To accommodate objections from the Catholic Church

What inspired Jose to study harder and write poetry?

Meeting Father Francisco de Paula Sanchez

Why was Jose dissatisfied at the end of the year despite his excellent grades?

He couldn't speak Spanish fluently with the right accent

Who was Doña Teodora and what happened to her?

She was Soledad's mother who came home from prison

What did Jose do after his summer vacation in Calamba?

He went back to Ateneo for junior year

What degree did Rizal receive upon graduating from Ateneo?

Bachelor of Arts

Who was the professor that discovered Rizal's writing talent and became his favorite teacher?

Fr. Sanchez

Which subject did Padre Jose Vilaclara invite Rizal to major in?


Where did Rizal meet Dr. Rudolf Virchow and Dr. Hans Virchow?

Leipzig, Germany

How old was Rizal when he graduated from Ateneo?


Why did Rizal go to Leipzig, Germany?

To attend lectures at the University of Leipzig

Who was considered the most brilliant Atenean of Rizal's time?


What scholarly paper did Rizal write and lecture to the anthropological society?

Tagalische Verskunst

What did Rizal excel in at the end of the school year?

All subjects

What were the reasons for Rizal staying in Berlin?

To promote Filipino political conditions to Germans

How did Rizal keep himself physically fit while in Berlin?

Frequenting the Berlin Gymnasium

Who directed the Anthropological and Ethnological Museum where Rizal visited in Dresden?

Dr. Adolf B. Meyer

During his visit to Leitmeritz, Rizal received his long-delayed allowance of P1,000 from which family member?

His brother Paciano

What impressed the town mayor of Leitmeritz about Rizal during their meeting?

Rizal's quick learning of the German language in just 11 months

At the Tourists Club of Leitmeritz, which role did Blumentritt hold?


Where did Rizal and Viola proceed to after visiting Leitmeritz?


Which professor did Rizal and Viola meet at the University of Prague, known for being a natural history professor?

Dr. Wilkomm

Which cities did Rizal visit in Italy that are mentioned in the text?

Turin, Milan, Venice, and Florence

Test your knowledge on Jose Rizal's academic accomplishments during his last year at Ateneo. Explore his excellence in various subjects and his standing among his peers.

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