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What was the significance of the nightly prayer for the Rizal family?

Time to come together, share faith, and strengthen familial bonds

What was the role of the family prayer in the Rizal siblings' involvement in nationalist movements?

Source of comfort and support

How did the family prayer ritual help the Rizal family navigate challenges?

Maintain unity and purpose

What did the family prayer tradition provide for the Rizal siblings as they grew up?

Comfort, guidance, and strength

What did the family prayer ritual serve as for other Filipino families?

Model to follow

What values did the family prayer tradition emphasize?

Faith, family, and community

What time did the Rizal family's nightly prayer begin on workdays?

7:00 PM

Who led the family prayer on Sundays and holidays?

Don Francisco

What was the first step in the Rizal family's nightly prayer ritual?

Bible Reading

What type of families practiced reading from the Bible during the Spanish colonial period?

Filipino families

Describe the role of Don Francisco in leading the family prayer.

He led the prayer on workdays and Sundays, reading from the Bible and hymns.

What other activities were part of the Rizal family's nightly prayer besides Bible reading?

Reciting the Holy Rosary and specific prayers

Study Notes

Rizal's Family Prayer: A Tradition of Nourishment and Bonding

Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero, was not just a brilliant writer and visionary who fought for freedom; he was also a devoted family man. One of the cherished family traditions that Rizal upheld, even while abroad, was the nightly prayer that bonded his parents and siblings.

The Family

Jose Rizal was the eldest son of Francisco Mercado Rizal and Teodora Alonso Realondal. He had six siblings: five brothers (Paciano, Júlio, Saturnino, and the twins Narciso and Paciano, Jr.) and one sister, Trinidad. The siblings were raised in a devoutly Catholic household, and their father, Don Francisco, was an active parishioner and catechist in their local church.

The Prayer

The Rizal family's nightly prayer was a multi-step ritual that involved reading from the Bible, reciting the Holy Rosary, and closing with specific prayers. On workdays, the family prayer began at 7:00 PM and was led by Don Francisco. On Sundays and holidays, the prayer commenced at 6:00 PM, and the entire family participated, with Don Francisco leading the prayers and hymns.

The Nighttime Routines

  1. Bible Reading: The prayer session started with reading from the Bible, which was a common practice among Filipino families during the Spanish colonial period. Don Francisco would select a passage from the Bible to read aloud to the family, allowing them to reflect on the Scripture and its teachings.

  2. Holy Rosary: Following the Bible reading, the family would recite the Holy Rosary together. The Rosary, a series of prayers centered around the life of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, was a beloved devotion among Filipino Catholics. The Rizal family's recitation of the Rosary was likely influenced by the pious practices of their local church, as well as their own devotion to faith.

  3. Specific Prayers: After the recitation of the Holy Rosary, the family would close the prayer session with specific prayers. These prayers would vary according to the needs of the family and the occasion. Some examples of these prayers can be found in letters exchanged between Jose Rizal and his siblings, who continued the tradition even after their father's passing.

The Significance

This nightly prayer served as a time for the Rizal family to come together, share in their faith, and strengthen their familial bonds. The prayer ritual was an essential part of the Rizal family's daily life, and it helped them maintain a sense of unity and purpose even as they navigated the challenges of their time. The tradition of the family prayer served as a source of comfort and support for the Rizal siblings as they became involved in the nationalist movements of their time, and it remains a testament to their commitment to their faith and their family.


The Rizal family prayer was a cherished tradition that brought the members of the family together in faith, love, and support. This ritual was a source of comfort, guidance, and strength for the Rizal family, and it provided a model for other Filipino families to follow. The tradition of family prayer continues to be a treasured part of Filipino culture, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of faith, family, and community.

Test your knowledge on the cherished family tradition of the Rizal family - the nightly prayer that bonded them together in faith and love. Learn about Jose Rizal's devout Catholic upbringing and the significance of this ritual in their lives.

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