Risk Management Strategies Case Study

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What type of document is a risk register?

A comprehensive document recording identified risks

Why might a healthcare facility accept the risk of a power failure?

By having a plan in place with backup generators and emergency procedures

What is the purpose of continuous monitoring and adaptation in risk management best practices?

To respond to changing risk scenarios

Why is engaging all levels of staff in risk management considered a best practice?

To encourage a culture of risk awareness and management

How does a risk register contribute to tracking risk management activities?

By recording all identified risks and their responses

In the context of this text, what does 'proactive risk identification' refer to?

Identifying risks before they manifest into issues

Why is learning from past incidents and near misses emphasized as a best practice?

To improve future risk management by understanding what went wrong

What is the purpose of preparing a Risk Register?

To have a central document to record identified risks and their management strategies

Why might a healthcare facility choose to bear the financial burden through insurance in malpractice cases?

To avoid financial responsibility for malpractice claims

What does it mean for a risk register to be considered a 'living document'?

It is continuously updated and reflects the current status of identified risks

Learn about risk management strategies such as Avoidance, Reduction, Sharing, and Retention through a detailed case study. Understand how to select the right strategy based on the severity, likelihood, and organizational capacity of the risk.

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