Riki and Tu's Lunchtime Adventure

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What did Riki do with his sandwich?

He chewed a corner and put it back

Why did Tu eat Riki's sandwich?

Because he was still hungry after eating his own lunch

What did Tu suggest they do after lunch?

Play rugby

What can be inferred about Tu and Riki's relationship?

They are cousins

What subject is the text likely from?

A reading comprehension exercise

Which word best describes the relationship between Riki and Tu?


Based on the text, where did this story most likely take place?

New Zealand

What can be inferred about the characters based on their names?

They have Māori or Pacific Islander heritage

Which learning area does this text cover according to the copyright information?

Both English and Social Sciences

What is the likely reading level for this text?

Year 4

Join Riki and his cousin Tu on an unexpected lunchtime adventure. Explore the story of Riki's strange puku and how Tu comes to the rescue. Enjoy a tale filled with humor and friendship.

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