Revolt of 1857: India's First War of Independence

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What is another name for the revolt of 1857?

When did the revolt of 1857 begin?

Why were Indian sepoys reluctant to use the 'Enfield' rifle?

What was the immediate factor that enraged the soldiers leading to the revolt of 1857?

What role did racism or racial discrimination play in the revolt of 1857?

What did the end of rule by the British East India Company lead to?

What were some unjust policies introduced by the British that led to the loss of power of the Nawabs and Zamindars in India?

Why were the rulers who lost their states to the British against them during the revolt of 1857?

What major impact did the Vellore Mutiny have on Indian history?

What factor significantly encouraged peasants to participate in the revolt of 1857?

Which event led to the introduction of the Government of India act and marked the end of British East India Company's rule?

What was a major reason for Indian soldiers' discontent leading to the revolt of 1857?


Learn about the revolt of 1857 which marked the beginning of India's struggle for independence against British colonial rule. Explore the causes, events, and outcomes of the revolt in this quiz.

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