RESTful API Design and CSS Media Queries Quiz

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What HTTP status code should be returned when a resource is successfully created in a RESTful API design?


What is the primary purpose of using media queries in CSS for responsive web design?

To dynamically adjust the layout and styling based on the device's screen size

Which feature is a core aspect of the React JavaScript library?

Virtual DOM

Among the options, which search algorithm typically requires less memory?

Depth First Search

In which industry is IoT technology commonly used to implement smart grid systems for efficient energy management and distribution?


What correctly describes the short-circuit behavior in logical expressions?

The right-hand side of an && operation is evaluated even if the left-hand side is false.

What type of coding paradigm does React mainly follow?


CSS specificity determines which style applies to an element when multiple rules match. What happens when two selectors have equal specificity?

The browser uses the last selector specified in the stylesheet.

Cryptocurrency mining involves validating transactions on a blockchain. Which type of consensus mechanism is commonly used by Bitcoin for this process?

Proof of Work (PoW)

What is the primary role of a package.json file in a Node.js project?

Defining project dependencies and scripts.

Test your knowledge on HTTP status codes for successful resource creation and the purpose of using media queries in CSS for responsive web design.

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