Research Methods: Exploratory, Correlational, Explanatory

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What is the main aim of research as described in the text?

To find out the truth which is hidden and undiscovered

What is the purpose of exploratory or formulative research?

To gain familiarity with a phenomenon

What motivates people to undertake research according to the text?

Desire for intellectual joy

Which type of research objectives involve determining the frequency of occurrences?


What is the primary objective of hypothesis-testing research?

To test a hypothesis of a causal relationship between variables

Why is research described as the search for knowledge through objective and systematic methods?

To find out the truth which has not yet been discovered

What type of questions can descriptive research answer?

What, where, when, and how questions

Which of the following is NOT an example of applied research in IT?

Analyzing historical data for trends

What method is primarily used in descriptive research?


What distinguishes analytical research from descriptive research?

In analytical research, the researcher uses secondary data to make a critical evaluation

Which of the following is an example of analytical research?

Estimating the prevalence of Diabetes in Omani population

What can a researcher do in descriptive research?

Only observe and report what has happened or what is happening

What is the main focus of clinical or diagnostic research?

Reaching basic causal relations

In cross-sectional research, how is data collected?

From many different individuals at a single point in time

What distinguishes a longitudinal study from a cross-sectional study?

Longitudinal studies collect data repeatedly from the same subjects over time

How does research contribute to the development of logical habits of thinking?

Through promoting inductive thinking

What role does research play in government policies according to the text?

Provides the basis for nearly all government policies

How has the significance of research in applied economics changed in modern times?

Grown significantly

What is the primary objective of exploratory research?

Explore the main aspects of an underresearched problem

Which type of research design measures a relationship between two variables without researcher control?

Correlational Research

What is the focus of explanatory research?

Explaining causes and consequences of a problem

Which research type involves collecting and analyzing numerical data?

Quantitative Research

What does qualitative research involve analyzing?

Non-numerical data like text, video, or audio

Which type of research looks at the impact of advertising campaigns on product sales?

Correlational Research

What is one way to develop working hypotheses as described in the text?

Reviewing similar studies in the area

Which step in the research process involves stating the conceptual structure within which research would be conducted?

Preparing the research design

What is the primary purpose of exploratory personal investigation in developing working hypotheses?

To gain greater insight into the practical aspects of the problem

Which type of research design involves experimental hypothesis testing?

Completely randomized design

Why is the preparation of a research design important according to the text?

To ensure research efficiency and maximal information

What is a key characteristic of informal experimental designs mentioned in the text?

Before-and-after without control

Explore the main aspects of underresearched problems, measure relationships between variables, and explain causal relationships in research design. Examples include the impact of advertising on product sales and the effect of home environment on educational achievements.

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