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What is the purpose of a control group in a true experimental design?

To compare the effects of the treatment against those without it

In a true experimental design, what does 'R' represent when described in context?


What is the main difference between a pretest-posttest design and a posttest only design?

The inclusion of a treatment phase

What is the purpose of including a pretest in a true experimental design?

To establish a baseline for comparison

Why is it important to have an experimental and a control group in a true experimental design?

To reduce the impact of confounding variables

What is a key advantage of using a true experimental design over other research designs?

It allows for establishing cause-and-effect relationships

What is the purpose of using a pretest in an experimental design?

To establish a baseline before the treatment is administered

In a Solomon Four-Group Design, what distinguishes the two treatment groups?

The pretest results of one group

What type of clinical trial involves the use of a placebo in the control group?

Phase III clinical trials

Why might a pretest not be necessary if test subjects are randomly selected initially?

Because random selection ensures equivalence at the baseline

Why do nations around the world conduct clinical trials for vaccines?

To generate evidence leading to changes in public policy

What characteristic defines a Posttest Only Design in research?

It only includes a post-test and no pre-test

What is the primary characteristic of an exploratory sequential design?

Initial qualitative data collection

In a sequential mixed methods design, what was the focus of the study mentioned in the text?

Teachers' technology practices and beliefs

What is the conclusion drawn from the example study mentioned in the text?

Technology integration should be focused on student-centered pedagogy

What is the main task for students as part of their assignment based on the text?

Working on the RRL Matrix

What is one of the components that students need to identify in their assignment according to the text?


What should future technology professional development efforts focus on according to the text?

Integrating technology into curriculum via student-centered pedagogy

Test your knowledge on experimental designs, mixed methods designs, sampling methods, and research ethics. This quiz covers topics such as the use of control groups, variables, hypothesis testing, and true experimental designs.

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