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What is the primary purpose of the Research Title?

Summarize the main idea of the research paper

Why is the Introduction chapter important?

To present a broad-to-narrow idea

What should be avoided when formulating research questions?

Developing questions that are too narrow

Which part of a research paper is usually read first by readers?

Introduction chapter

What is the key characteristic of a well-defined research question?

It is clear, focused, and researchable

What should be included in a Research Title?

Population and scope clarity

What is the purpose of the Reference List in a research study?

To acknowledge and avoid plagiarism by listing full publication details of cited works

Where does the Reference List typically appear in a research paper?

On the last section of the research in alphabetical order

What does Research Methodology refer to in a study?

The specific procedures or techniques used to identify, select, process, and analyze information about a topic

Why is Research Design considered the blueprint for a study?

To ensure that the study addresses the research problem effectively

What distinguishes Descriptive research design from other designs?

It helps answer questions related to who, what, when, where, and how

In what type of environment is a subject observed in Descriptive research design?

In a completely natural and unchanged environment

What is the consequence of distorted findings in a research study?

Inability to repeat and validate the study

How is quantitative data typically presented?

Graphical format or charts

In a research paper, when should the results section be written?

In past tense

What is the purpose of an Outcomes Measurement System (OMS) questionnaire in surveys?

Collecting numeric data

Why is it important to avoid providing non-critical data in a research paper?

To maintain focus on answering the research question

What is the primary purpose of data analysis in research?

To evaluate data using logical reasoning

What type of statement is a 'Research Hypothesis' usually written as?


What does the 'Conceptual Framework' in research encompass?

The identification of research topic, literature review, theories applied, and data analysis

What does the 'Theoretical Framework' primarily provide in research?

A foundational review of existing theories for developing arguments

In the context of research, what does 'Significance of the Study' refer to?

The importance of the study for the broader area, specific question, and target group

What does 'Scope' refer to in research?

The depth at which the research area will be explored

'Delimitation of a study' refers to:

Parameters or characteristics that limit the scope and outline boundaries

What is the purpose of starting the discussion section by rewriting research questions and restating hypotheses?

To align the discussion with the introduction

Why is it important to avoid repeating the same information in the discussion section?

To maintain focus on key results

What should a conclusion chapter primarily focus on?

Summarizing key points of discussion

In what section should recommendations to improve the research be typically found?


Why is it advised to clearly explain the results and support them with research findings?

To provide credibility and relevance to the results

What should researchers aim to achieve by avoiding confusing figures and tables in their discussions?

Enhance readability and comprehension

Test your knowledge on research methodology, reference lists, and research design with this quiz. Learn about the importance of citing works, organizing reference lists, and designing research studies.

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