Reproduction in Animals and Humans

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Which of the following is NOT a reason why animals reproduce?

What is the main difference between the reproduction of humans and some animals like fish and insects?

What happened to the rabbit population in Australia after twelve rabbits were introduced in 1859?

What does it mean for a species to become extinct?

How can humans speed up the process of a species becoming extinct?

Which animal species became extinct in the wild in 1972 but was later reintroduced to the wild?

What is the purpose of sexual reproduction in animals?

What happens if a species of animal is dying faster than young animals are being born?

What is the role of offspring in preventing the extinction of a species?

What is the significance of animals reproducing to make new animals of the same species?


Test your knowledge on reproduction in animals and humans with this quiz! Explore the importance of reproduction as a life process, learn about the different strategies animals use to ensure their species does not die out, and discover how humans and various animal species care for their offspring.

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