Reporting Hate Crimes

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According to the Department Manual Volume 4, Section 203.25, which of the following characteristics are protected by the Department's policy?

All of the above

What constitutes a hate crime according to the Department's policy?

All of the above

In the absence of any crime, what does the 'targeting' of an individual or community based on protected characteristics constitute?

A hate incident

Which department is responsible for ensuring that hate crime or hate incident reports are distributed in a timely manner?

Records Unit

What type of bias is represented by the MO code '2055-anti-Race'?


Who is responsible for completing a Follow-Up Report and reclassifying a case as a hate crime or hate incident?

Area Crime and Community Intelligence Centers

Which department should handle misdemeanor hate crime arrests and assign them to an investigator for follow-up and filing?

Area Detective Commanding Officer

According to the text, when classifying a crime or incident to be motivated by hatred or prejudice, the court system will determine whether the hatred or prejudice is a substantial factor.

The bias motivation must be a major factor

According to the text, how should officers document their findings in crimes or incidents motivated by hatred or prejudice?

By completing an Incident Report (IR) and checking the 'Motivated by Hatred or Prejudice' box

According to the text, what resource should officers provide to victims of hate crimes and hate incidents?

Both a Hate Crime Resource Pamphlet and a California Attorney General's Office Marcy's Law Resource Pamphlet

According to the text, what should a supervisor do when responding to an incident motivated by hatred or prejudice?

Ensure that an Incident Report (IR) and/or Arrest Report are completed

Quiz: Reporting Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents Learn about the proper procedures for reporting and investigating bias-motivated crimes and incidents. Understand the importance of thorough investigation and notification to supervisors. Test your knowledge on reporting protocols with this quiz.

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