Religious History of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

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Which term is commonly used to refer to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam due to their shared ancestry from Abraham?

In Christianity, what is the trinity concept that distinguishes it from Judaism and Islam?

Who is considered the 'seal of the prophets' in Islam?

Which of the following statements best describes the view of Jesus in Islam?

What distinguishes Jewish ethnicity from Christian ethnicity historically?

Which holiday is primarily celebrated by Muslims to commemorate the end of Ramadan?

In terms of sacred texts, which one is considered the primary sacred text in Islam?

Which religious tradition has a sacred text that details the life and teachings of Jesus?

Which religious tradition primarily traces its ancestry back to Ishmael, Abraham's first son?

Which ethnicities are commonly associated with Muslims according to the text?

What is the common term used for the practitioners of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?

Which group of people created the religious tradition of Judaism?

Who began the religious tradition that would become Christianity in the 1st century CE?

Which religious scripture do all three religious traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share?

Why did early Muslims not try to convert Jews and Christians?


Explore the common history and origins shared by the religious traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, tracing back to the ancient Israelites who worshiped the god Yahweh. Learn about the beginnings of Judaism in the 10th century BCE and the significant figure of Jesus in the 1st century CE.

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